When are project requests submitted?

IT project requests start when a new need is identified. These new needs could be related to existing software or systems, or something the University has never done before. 

Regardless of the size and scope of projects, OneIT needs to know about them so that we can have a big-picture view of all IT work across campus. This birds-eye view will enable us to forecast and plan our resources accordingly.

Project requests should be submitted during the Call for Projects.


The semi-annual Call for Projects happens each year in January, with a refresh in September. Requests are forwarded to the Division, where they are reviewed and prioritized. OneIT completes analyses to determine project size, impact, and required resources. Based on these findings, OneIT collaborates with the Executive Steering Committee to plan key project dates across all approved projects for the year's first half.


This chart provides a high-level overview of the annual planning process.

Calendar graphic


If you have a project need outside of the Call for Project opportunities, you should  speak with your Division’s OneIT Executive Director. These exception requests are usually related to compliance or other "must-do" projects that could not have been anticipated in advance.

During the Call for Projects, you will be able to submit new project requests. A form will be available in March and again in September.

We encourage you to include as much information about your project request as possible. This data will help your division and OneIT understand the project's need, scope, and impact and make approval and prioritization decisions. You can preview the information needed for the project request submission form here.