Project 653: Website Information Architecture (IA) and Redesign

The University is currently undertaking a website information architecture and redesign project. We are working to restructure where information lives across University websites, enhancing how users navigate our sites to ensure optimal user experience.

The overarching goal of the project is to positively impact user experience throughout the University’s homepage ( and other websites, commonly referred to as subdomain sites, for audiences including prospective students and their families/support systems; prospective faculty and staff; community members and University stakeholders; and current faculty, staff, and students.

Where We Are Now

University Communications and OneIT are working with the contracted vendor, Savas Labs, Inc., to execute this project successfully. The complete scope of the project includes gathering information to inform recommendations on information architecture across the University sites, recommendations for design changes on the homepage, and template design options for use on subdomains. Savas Labs Inc. is also working alongside the OneIT Web Services team to put together an action plan for implementing the designs on the University sites. 

The Savas Labs Inc. team began with Project 501 in mid-June 2023 and is contracted to lead us during Project 653 through the spring of 2024. OneIT Web Services will be responsible for implementing the project’s design phase and working with site managers and communications leaders as necessary to make changes and updates to information architecture following the completion of the project. Members of the University Communications team will lead colleges, departments, and other stakeholders across the University by implementing content on academic program pages and subdomain sites.

For Site Owners

If you are a site owner, we encourage you to share this information with the site managers you work with to maintain respective sites. At this time, there is no further action required on your part.

Next Steps

As valued stakeholders, we will update you on project milestones as we progress. When we approach milestones, you or someone from your team may be invited to participate in meetings or to complete surveys to gain more insight about your targeted audience(s), the essential information, and the call(s) to action for your area. Representatives across the University have been asked to weigh in on template designs for different functional areas. 

Members from each of the colleges, departments, and other groups across the University who host information on subdomains will be invited to collaborate on strategic content planning ahead of the new design implementation for each area. 

OneIT Web Services will work with each area on a timeline and action plan for implementing the new design.


February 2024

Task Order-01 Wrap-Up (1-2 weeks)

February 2024 to March 2024

Technical Discovery (3-4 weeks)

March 2024 to April 2024

Recommendations and Planning (4 weeks)

February 2024 to April 2024

Task Order-02 Design Deliverables (7-12 weeks)